Digital Communication with IT


Mr S Marshall - Joint Leader of Learning, & Head of Key Stage 4

Miss E Thomas - Joint Leader of Learning, & DCF Coordinator

Mr P Deacon - Teacher of Business Studies and Employability

Mr H Luff - Teacher of ICT


During KS3 lessons we help pupils develop their ICT skills through the use of different apps and software. The skills that are developed are used throughout the school and across the curriculum. Pupils will have the opportunity to plan and create websites, manipulate different digital media such as videos and sound as well as create their own using green screen and special effects. Across year 7, 8 and 9 pupils will have the opportunity to lean how to code, starting off with some basic block coding and developing into written coding language such as python. Basic ICT skills are enhanced with exciting projects that are linked with real life situations.


Pupils will have the option to take BTEC IT and BETC business at GCSE level.

BTEC IT develops and enhances the skills that are taught in KS3 to a higher level. Pupils will have the chance to complete units in website development, digital graphics, digital sound and the online world.

During BTEC business pupils will learn about business finance, marketing and the fundamentals of how a business is operated and set up. Pupils will develop their numeracy, literacy and ICT skills through out the qualification.


Pupils will have the option to take BTEC IT and BETC business at A level.

Both courses continue to develop the skills Pupils have developed from KS4.

BTEC IT focuses on four main units, managing systems (databases), managing a social media campaign, the online world and web development. The first two units are taught in year 12 and the final two in year 13. Many pupils that have taken IT at this level have gone on to further education specialising in IT and computing.

BTEC business again has four main units, managing a marketing campaign, introduction to business, personal and business finance and advertising and promotion. Many pupils enjoy this course due to the wider world being and influence on the course.

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