Senior Leadership Team

Mr N Davies - Headteacher

My name is Mr Davies and I am the Headteacher of Lliswerry High School. I taught in three other High Schools before joining Lliswerry High School four years ago. You will see me around the school almost every day. I like to be outside to greet learners in the morning as they arrive for school, to see you at break and lunchtime and also as you move from one lesson to another. I also like to call into your lessons to see what you are learning and to talk with you about it!

I really enjoy sport, especially football (I support Leeds United), rugby and cricket and my main hobby is mountain biking which I love! I believe that being ambitious, determined, resilient and having self-belief are really important for all learners and my favourite saying is “Make it a positive day!”. I am really looking forward to welcoming you all to Lliswerry High School.

Miss J Fitzgerald - Deputy Headteacher

My name is Miss Fitzgerald and I am Deputy Headteacher. My main responsibility is to ensure that the quality of teaching and learning in your lessons is good so that you make good progress in all your subjects. I have worked at Lliswerry for 7 years and am a French teacher but have also taught science, music and skills challenge. I look forward to getting to know you all when you start with us in September.

Mrs L Evans - Senior Assistant Headteacher

My name is Mrs Evans, and September will be the start of my fourth year at Lliswerry High. I can easily remember what it was like moving to a new school – excitement but also a little nervous at the same time. Just like you things are changing for me in September as well as I am going to be doing a different job. I am really looking forward to a new challenge and I hope you are as well. I really look forward to you joining Lliswerry High and being part of your journey to young adults whilst making some fantastic memories along the way.

Mrs J Bartley - Assistant Headteacher

My name is Mrs Bartley and I am in charge of Skills across the Curriculum at Lliswerry High School. You will find me talking to you lots about Literacy, numeracy and digital skills. My original subject specialism is English and my favourite talking point is reading and all things ‘booky.’ I joined Lliswerry High School in 2019 and naturally had butterflies whirling around inside for the first few days but I love it here and I know you will too. I look forward to seeing your determination and resilience in September. Before then, I’d like to share with you something Roald Dahl taught me and that I have belief in when I face new challenges and experiences: “We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams.” I cannot wait to see you fulfil your dreams and ambitions at Lliswerry High School and (dare I say it) beyond.

Mrs A Harries - Assistant Headteacher

My name is Mrs Harries and I am an Assistant Head at Lliswerry High School. My main responsibility is to ensure that everyone at Lliswerry makes good progress in all their lessons so that they leave us with the qualifications and skills they need to have a successful future. I know a little of how you will be feeling right now, as I was new to the school in September 2019 but I have never regretted my decision to join this fantastic school! Do not be overwhelmed by all you think you need to know in advance of starting with us. So many teachers here, including myself, want to help and support you in your transition to secondary school so try not to feel anxious. This year I have taught maths, history and the Welsh Baccalaureate to learners across all year groups. I may not be one of your teachers this year but you will see me around site, so if you have any questions do not be afraid to ask! I look forward to meeting you all in person.

Mr D Jackson - Assistant Headteacher