English, Literacy and Media

English Team

Mr J Nowaczyk - Leader of Learning

Miss S K Jones - Deputy Leader of Learning

Mrs J Bartley - Assistant Headteacher

Miss H Williams - Head of Year / Media Studies

Mr M Thompson - Teacher of English / Year 7 Teacher

Miss S Loescher - Teacher of English

Ms S Viney - Teacher of English and French

Miss J Davies - Literacy Intervention Support

Miss B Derrett - Literacy Intervention Support

English Team Information

English at Lliswerry High School

Here at Lliswerry High School, you can expect to discover the best works of Literature – books, poetry and plays – from Greek myths and legends like the Odyssey, war poetry from the trenches to haunting tales of Gothic horror, including Dracula and Frankenstein. You’ll learn to write and deliver speeches like Barack Obama and Malala Yousafzai; create tourist guides to tempt people to visit our wonderful country; discuss important topics, such as the impact of social media on our mental health, then compose essays that argue what you believe is right and true. And all this simply in Key Stage 3!

Year 9 will start to give you a taste of GCSE English Literature as you travel to 1930s California during the time of The Great Depression as we study ‘Of Mice and Men’, before you complete the rest of the course in Year 10, diving deeper into texts such as ‘An Inspector Calls’, a murder mystery, and ‘Heroes’, a story of what it truly means to be heroic.

By Year 11, the knowledge you have developed over the previous 4 years of the wider world and its history will help you to be able to handle far more new and unfamiliar texts. You will cover issues as varied as Artificial Intelligence, food banks, gaming to the importance of sleep. Multiple opportunities to read for different purposes – scanning, summarising, analysing, comparing and synthesising – as well as writing different types of texts – guides, letters, articles and reviews – for particular audiences await you. It’s an exciting time to be a Lliswerry pupil. We can’t wait to meet you so we can begin!