Year 7 Launch Curriculum

Launch Team

Mr D Herbert - Leader of Learning, & Literacy Coordinator

Mrs S E Jones - PSHE Coordinator/ Year 7 Teacher

Mr M Thompson - Year 7 Teacher/Teacher of English

Miss L K Howells - Year 7 Teacher

Mrs S Redman - Year 7 Teacher

Mrs L Hackling - Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Smith - Teaching Assistant

Mr S Weed - Teaching Assistant

Launch Team Information

In line with the changes outlined by the Welsh Government, Lliswerry High School has developed a transformational Launch Curriculum. The aim of the new curriculum is to provide authentic learning experiences that provide learners with the skills to be learners for life.

In March 2014, the Welsh Government published a review of the curriculum and assessment arrangements in schools in Wales. The reason for the review was to ensure young people have the best possible education that prepares them for the future. Since then, we have been working hard to redesign our curriculum to ensure this happens in line with the recommendations published. This has resulted in the launch of our new year 7 curriculum from September 2019.

The Launch Curriculum involves year 7 learners being taught across multiple areas of learning by one teacher for 21 hours per timetable cycle. Within this block, the following areas of learning will be covered: English, literacy, history, geography, RE and classroom based science. Although these subjects are explicitly taught and assessed in the Launch Curriculum, the nature of the cross-curriculum project learning means other subject skills will also be covered in consultation with Leaders of Learning. The design of the curriculum will follow a more thematic approach, assessing individual subject skills through project based learning.

Alongside specific literacy lessons, this exciting cross-curricular approach allows for the embedding of the cross-curricular skills outlined by the Welsh Government: literacy, numeracy and digital competences. This will build on our work here at Lliswerry of embedding the key skills outlined in the Literacy and Numeracy, and Digital Competence frameworks.

The curriculum brings together the expertise of both primary and secondary trained teachers. This expertise allows for extensive opportunities to exploit cross-curricular links and allows for a more holistic approach to the pastoral care by teaching staff. The structure of the launch curriculum also builds on our already successful transition programme and will be the bridge between primary and secondary school. This style of teaching acts as a stepping stone in the learners’ first year at Lliswerry; having a block of lessons taught by one teacher will aid in the settling of learners into their new environment. This new curriculum will model pastoral care and teaching on a familiar system to learners from their primary school experience, but bring the specialism and facilities of high school to enhance the learning experience.

The Launch Curriculum at Lliswerry High is a ground-breaking and sector-leading approach to the forthcoming changes to the curriculum in Wales. It is an exciting opportunity to allow our learners to begin their journey of learning for life.